»Working America and Grassroots Campaigns

GCI has partnered with Working America, an AFL-CIO community affiliate with over 750,000 members fighting for America’s working families.

GCI’s offices in Miami, Cleveland and Columbus are campaigning with Working America as part of an overall campaign to recruit new members, identify undecided swing voters, and get out the vote in November. 30% of Working America’s members are “swing voters” who are undecided about who to vote for in this election.

Working America was recently dubbed the "secret weapon" in this year's election. More here...

Working America is a powerful force for working people. With the combined strength of 13 million union men and women and millions of nonunion workers who share common challenges and goals, Working America fights in communities, states and nationally for what really matters—good jobs, affordable health care, world-class education, secure retirements, real homeland security and more.

Working America uses professional research, communication, education, canvassing, lobbying and community organizing to demand that politicians address the priorities that matter most to working people—not just wealthy special interests.

For more information on Working America, please check out www.workingamerica.org.